Anonymous: Would you ever dye your hair?

i would and i have in the past :) i was actually thinking about going a darker brown almost black. I’ve had (in the past): jet black, plant. blonde almost white i didn’t like it so i added dirty blonde dye :) , & red brown ^_^

Anonymous: Your Face. I love it as much as I love Mac'n'Cheese. ^-^

is that a lot or a little :O?

Anonymous: Where did you get those high laced boots

they are actually women’s combat boots from Steve Madden :P haha i wanted some high ones and all the guys were like short and just went up a little past the ankle but then i saw these that were women’s and i was like i don’t care if they are women’s i love them so got them in brown and black ^_^ :D

Throw back to when I met that porn star. You can see the excitement in my face 😁
The evolution of my hair in a year 🌎🌰🌱🌳🍃🍂
This pic sums up our friendship

if you don’t know i have a youtube channel, I’m working on, and you should check it out whenever you get free time!  Maybe if you’ve ever pondered about how i talked or wanted to see a video of me instead of pictures from here :D youtubes the place to go ^_^


Shingeki no teen titans

one of my fav episodes! Raven is my fav! <3
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